18th Annual WGC Foursomes

Bob Wunder
John Wunder Jr
Steve Baikauskas
Rod Watcher
Allan Ogle
Allan Ogle Jr.
Rick Rasmussen
Jordan Fuchs
John Wunder Sr.
Tom Ogle
Chris Seling
Jim Allan

Jeff Rasmussen
Walter Rasmussen
Bunky Ogle
Dennis Rasmussen
Charles Rasmussen
Paul Wunder
Marty Ogle
Tom DeCarlo
Rich Rasmussen
Bill DeCarlo Sr.
Fred Wunder
Dennis Rasmussen (o)

Tim Wunder
Eric Wunder
Kevin Rasmussen
Vaughn Kapp Jr.
Aubrey Palmer
Al Baikauskas
Jim Calvert
Jerry Fuchs

1st Annual Tom P. Ogle Award

Fred Wunder was the proud recipient of the 1st Annual Tom P. Ogle Sr. award for "Closest to the Pin".

"Tom was with me that day," said Fred, "there's no doubt in my mind. For some reason, I kept remembering many years ago when Tom and I were golfing at Western Maryland College in Westminster. He said, 'How do you do that?' and I said, 'Do what?' He said, 'Hit it down the middle all the time,' we were probably on the 8th hole, and I thought about it and said, 'I don't know, it's just happening.' Well that's the way it was for me at the 18th WGC. Tom was with me."

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